Opening hours

Wed 9am-2pm

Fri 9am-2pm

Sat 8am - 2pm

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Stocking a full range of -

  • Certified organic fresh produce

  • Wholefoods

  • Sourdough breads and bakery

  • Kombucha, drinks and dairy

  • Cleaning and household products

  • Personal and beauty

  • Stocks and broths 

Online pre-ordering

Co-op members can pre-order their fresh vegetables box online. Online orders must be placed before midnight Thursday morning for pickup Saturday morning.

 Co-op memberships

As a co-op member you can:

  1. save 20% off the retail price on all fresh produce

  2. preorder your weekly shopping box for pickup Saturday morning, online

  3. get email access to our weekly stock list

We also have a limited number of foundation memberships who save even more in exchange for hours worked in the shop. This helps keep our overheads down and foundation members benefit from a heavily discounted weekly order, a win for us both!