What the Swale is Going on Over There?

The Village Center is excited to have Dominic Cronk, a socially conscious investor and big fan of the Ecovillage, as the new owner of lot 12. Eager to contribute to the Ecovillage community, he has already started his first project – implementing a conservation and maintenance plan for the swales.

Contractors have been busy clearing the overgrowth on the swales in preparation for contour surveys. These surveys will allow him to develop and implement a maintenance plan to help manage the drainage from the local watershed and facilitate the run-off from the Durobby area into Currumbin Creek.

This not only helps from a conservation perspective but will also help to minimize hydraulic threats to the community. Properly maintaining the swale will allow excess volume of water during heavy rains and floods to be guided towards the creek while minimizing, and hopefully preventing, the overflow onto the Village Oval and the Creek Flats. Additionally, by directing the water through the bioretention ponds (dams), the water is filtered before emptying into the creek.

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Peter AubortComment